Turken Talk 7, Mrs. Ayse Dogan, Member of The Grand National Assembly of Turkey


Mrs. Ayse Dogan shared her experience as successful woman politician and challenges she encountered during her career, in addition Mrs Dogan explained the work she and her colleagues have been doing to improve the equality of opportunity for women and men as Member of The Commission on Equal Opportunity for ...

TURKEN TALK 6, Mr. Sami Catovic, Lawyer and Phd Candidate in Religion.


Mr. Catovic gave brief background regarding root of xenophobia in US and discussed rise of the Islamophobia after 2001 and specifically after the last election. ...


Turken Foundation was established in2014 in the United States by Turkey’s two major foundations, Ensar Foundation (established in 1979) and TURGEV (established in 1996). Turken Foundation assists eligible students by means of scholarship, accommodation and other cultural programs in order to improve their education process in the United States.



Turken Talk 5

4 West 43rd Street New York, NY

We concluded another wonderful Turken Talk with brother Moutasem Atiya, Founder of Al-Madina Institute . Appreciate for his time and for the great lectures regarding the difficulties and challenges facing the Muslim-Americans and How our responds supposed to be and what Prophet Mohammed s life teach us about dealing

Turken Winter Camp

Diyanet Center of America

Turken Winter Camp has been held at Diyanet Center of America, Lanham Maryland. Turken students got chance to relieve from daily stresses in this special three day retreat and enjoyed the social and sportive activities while continue to expand their knowledge through special conferences given by Dr Yasar. Colak Assoc.